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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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ostrich-like bird. apparently the six foot tall bird escaped earlier this week. an inspector with the local police department says the ostrich poses a very real threat to the public. the owner echoed that statement saying the animal is quote, not to be messed with. making money not to be messed with. charles payne starts right now. >> i'm tom sullivan in for charles payne. you're watching making money. big news of course today from the highest court in the land. it's a big victory for president obama as the supreme court allows nationwide subsidies for obamacare. the numbers, 6.4 million people would have lost their subsidies if the supreme court ruled against the administration and 8.7 million people get subsidies to help pay for their health insurance. and from 2016 to 2025, you know what it will cost the taxpayers? federal government, the taxpayers will spend, $849 billion on health care subsidies.
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on subsidies. paying somebody else's bills. we have all the bases covered this hour. what it means for the economy, what it means for you. what it means for your health insurance. and how it will impact the 2016 presidential race. but first, let's meet our panelists. startingstarting with fox busins very own, there is gerri willis. hilary kramer, ang capital cio and president. tammy bruce, fox news political contributor. matt mccall, founder and president of penn financial. heather hansen trial owe attorney at o'brien and ryan. there was plenty of celebration at the white house today. they were all giddy down there in d.c. after the supreme court upheld federal subsidies in a 6-3 ruling, the president applauded today's decision. >> after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to stay. today is a victory for hard-working americans across this country whose lives will
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continue to be more secure in a changing economy because of this law. >> well you heard the president. the affordable care act he said is here to stay. and that is a victory for americans he says. all right. well, let's start off with gerri willis. >> i don't agree with him. you know who this victory for? health care companies and insurers. you saw the share prices today. they went through the moon. >> yep. >> i think at the end of the day it is a unholy alliance between the health care industry and the government. you have them on the same side of the equation. corporate america will try to bilk as much money out of this program as they possibly can. who will foot the bill? you, me, every other taxpayer. >> matt mccall, you are the financial guy. i mean when stocks rise the first place you start with stock prices is earnings. this says wall street thinks the companies, hospital companies, health insurance companies, their earnings are going to rise. >> not only that they think their earnings will rise, hospital companies, hca was up 9%. the reason it was up so big,
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uncertainty is gone. the reason uncertainty is gone, we didn't know what decision will be. obamacare is here, whether you like it or not. it will most likely be here next few years. that is more profitable for hospitals. so investors rush to hospitals. >> hillary, are you buying these stocks? >> i am. ebhc provides doctors to hospitals, ambulance care, that was up through the roof. everything is going up because clearly money is going, as gerri put it right into the hands of these corporations that want this it is not for the people. it is really about business. >> tammy, you're the political commentator here. >> and troublemaker. >> what are the politics on this? this makes the 2016 presidential race even more important because if the courts are going to keep obamacare, the only way that people and majority, 50 plus percent in most polls say they don't like it is to go to the polls. >> look, we know of course there are two words i have to say and
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a lot of politicians will use is veterans administration. that is government and health care. so now it is clear, so now all of the candidates, including hillary clinton will have to deal with the fact this is clearly structurally a democrat initiative. there are no gop fingerprints on it at all. hillary is owning this as well. each of the gop candidates will have to take specific position. already one already switched. jeb bush did not have repealing obamacare on top 10 list. today he comes out with a statement -- >> i think it hurts the gop to be honest with you. almost becoming a joke. you have to give up. i wish it would be repealed. when it goes up almost 100% i hate it. it will not be repealed. what is the next step? you're asking the supreme court. >> you're the lawyer. tell us, there are more cases, and i talked to the pacific legal foundation today about the fact there are still going after the fact that this is a tax law that did not originate in the house. it is kind of wonky legal stuff
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but they're going to go, this is court case stuff isn't over. >> there is about four other cases pending, one of them being the contraceptive mandate may go somewhere. >> that is catholic church and groups like that. >> that will not get rid of whole law. the person on. >> the person on your show, i don't think it will be unconstitutional. this is not going to fly. >> this is tim sand today fur very successful before the supreme court. he said this law, even though he understood this decision, he a lawyer, logic and law doesn't make sense to most of us. he said this is constitutional train wreck. there are oodles of constitutional problems. >> i don't disagree but the supreme court -- now if the supreme court were to somehow change so that one or two or three or four of the justices who are approaching retirement age, then we would have a whole different ballgame. >> that is another political argument. not only do you need a president who will not veto overturning a change but who will appoint supreme court justices.
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the argument on the ground, beyond business arguments, having health insurance is not about getting health care, you might get subsidies for your premium. you go to the hospital and you have a $5,000 deductible, this means people will stay out of the system. by the election, you might have a lot of arguments, political arguments but in the daily objective truth, day-to-day life of americans, they're hating it. >> gerri, you talk about financial products all the time. i look at this and i go, they can have the legal fight. they can have the political fights but always will come down to, is the insurance products something people want? >> right? is it something they will buy? >> the question is it a product people can afford? the answer is no in many cases especially young people. you talked about the subsidies at the beginning of the show. it is $22 billion a year and people are not happy with the coverage the they don't need all the coverage in many cases. i interviewed a woman not too long ago, burleson, texas,
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didn't want to pay coverage for family of four. she couldn't afford it. she went without coverage. you know what? she had her child with major surgery. paid it out-of-pocket, negotiated the price down. that is what obamacare was supposed to prevent. >> and it won't. that brings us where all of this will go. if it's a product, if general electric came out with a product that 50% of the people said was a lousy product, how long would that product stay on the market? the difference here, this is a government subsidized product. >> right. >> because the government can print money, they don't have anybody really looking down upon them. general electric comes out with a product nobody likes they have a bottom line, shareholders are pushing them. we as voters should be pushing the administration to get rid of this. as you mentioned, tammy, over 50%. it will be issue when comes to polls. the problem when it comes to republicans repeal, repeal, we have become numb to that. the bigger issue i believe, the
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republicans has to have, you say repeal, how are you going to replace isn't what are you going to fix it with? the plans are not there. >> the republicans got a pass because they did not have to come up with a plan. >> the reality there are several plans of the difference is who has the microphone. who has got the megaphone. who is really being covered through the media what the multiple plans are. there are five on the gop end. and yet they have got to get better, republicans. i'm not a republican. i'm an independent. the republicans have to get better talking about what their change will be. >> exactly. >> what they have already created. >> i think this was a great day for republicans because now they don't have to rip away health care from seven million americans. they can just point say, hey, this isn't really working. we told you it wouldn't. >> it gives them time to come up with something. very difficult to take away benefit once you give it. judge napolitano said a number of times on your show today. once you give a benefit under the law. >> they have had years to come up with a plan.
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as you mentioned there are five plans floating out there. they're not together. that would have been disaster for gop if this got struck down. they would be standing there looking at each other for a plan of the you can't win an election without -- >> you have a president who is republican no longer a plan thats that to overcome a veto. they have to get it together if they want to grab the electorate. >> here is the problem. you're not just fighting obama. you're fighting business. you're fighting the s&p 500. that is virtually impossible for the american people to win. >> some republicans talking about this already today, we talked about jeb bush earlier and other republican presidential candidates. and, responded to today's decision. jeb bush said i am disappointed by today's supreme court ruling but this decision is not the end of the fight against obamacare. there you go, tammy bruce. >> it's a miracle, isn't it, coming down from the skies. this is wake-up call for every
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politician. americans want to know where they stand. you can't have with at least with fdr, all of the new deal, that was a bipartisan, massively accepted, by the american people program. this never was. and so which also now know it keeps changing. we know it was based on a lie. you can keep your health insurance, keep your doctor, keep your hospital. all of these things are baked into it. deirdre: there -- >> there is not universal coverage. 35 million americans don't have it. >> that is the argument for the republican. >> rand paul, he said, as president, i would make it my mission to repeal it. and propose real solutions for our health care system. it seems to me, hillary, at this point then, he should probably start talking about what his solutions are. >> exactly. here it is with the solutions. the billions and billions of dollars to unwind obamacare, and then start again. just think about what went into this whole rollout process. then because these are
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subsidies, it becomes so complex and so difficult because there are subsidies a. >> yeah. >> how do you take -- >> exactly. so the libertarian view, which is, people should be able to choose what, how they want to be covered, what way they want to be covered has been totally scrapped. this will be very difficult thousand to take this away, from, remember, there is a lobby that created this entire health care complex. >> we can go through the points. there are people that got their, under 26-year-old children on the policy. >> right. >> the preexisting deal seems to be really popular with a lot of people. >> let's start there. let's have those two things and move on. >> the other thing that the republicans have been crying for is tort reform. and interstate competition for insurance companies. if you just come out with that plan, one of the five plans, you have yourself something people might like. >> simple, discrete actions you can take. you know this because we're
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conservatives or libertarians or business people, we think about these details. nobody was complaining about actually destroying the initial system as it was which was also kind of complicated. but what you have got here, adding in buying insurance across state lines. perhaps, yes, repealing certain elements, adding in other dynamics that bring the marketplace back into the framework that you don't need to, you know, undo the entire dynamic. but, change it into frameworks. >> actually, this was jammed down our throats and not read or thought through. it was jammed in and let's fix it. at beginning they would fix it as we went. >> one of the things always been the case, unless the public is behind some new law that law will not be enforced. >> the public has never been behind obamacare in majority ever. >> even congress in the majority opinion today talked about how this was inartfully drafted. done in a way very unusual going
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around the rules, they could scram it down people's throats, after senator kennedy died. they wanted to make sure it was passed in time. it was not a well-thought outlaw. there are tons of mistakes. >> what is the future, hard to undo but people want to repeal it, but practicality it probably won't be repealed is it just going to be nothing but court cases for the next 10 years? is it going to be different administrations, republicans, democrats, molding it, folding it trying to come up with something? see i go back to the republicans trying to fix it. i don't want government fixing my insurance. >> what will happen to on the street to regular americans. you know the cadillac tax, right? this law heavily taxes regular insurance plans provided by companies. this is dumped down. >> the worst is to come? >> you the worst is to come. companies will drop coverage in favor of obamacare. obamacare is one size fits all
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policy you may not want. so this is worse for americans. this is not better. >> let me tell you though, if we were able to pass prohibition and actually change the constitution back, i think that we'll be able to figure out a way, legislatively, especially with an election coming up, get the right people in there to get it done. americans defeated facism. we can defeat obamacare. >> isn't the problem whether or not, the worst is yet to come. will it come to the election to get people motivated to vote before this issue. or will it come after the election. >> two weeks ago i got letter my insurance went up for third time. lost my insurance through obamacare. now 100% higher for me and my employees before obamacare. 100% higher. >> supposed to go to the doctor every year for the physical. i called the doctors three weeks ago. been about a year. no it has been three years. so i went in. and just got the bill for the whole thing. and, my deductible wasn't met.
6:15 pm
it was pretty expensive. so i wrote a big check for -- i go, we have pretty good insurance. >> we have pretty good insurance. >> but it has all gone higher and something -- it wasn't working before obamacare, it was growing much faster than inflation. >> well employee coverage is getting more and more expensive. obama coverage is getting more and more expensive. these companies, they put in place, they want to put in place increases in deductibles this year of 30, 40, 50, 60%. >> yeah. >> this is ridiculous. >> why i say the product will blow up somewhere along the line. >> exactly. >> anyway, challenging obama care, how this increasing cost of health insurance for all americans, it is too expensive. it doesn't do the job. we'll talk about. ♪
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>> welcome back. supreme court upheld obamacare federal subsidies. a big win for obamacare and as usual the president came out swinging telling obamacare opponents to zip it. >> this law is working exactly as it is supposed to. in many ways this law is working better than we expected it to. for all the misinformation campaign, all the doomsday predictions. all talk of death panels and job destruction. for all repeal attempts. this law is now helping tens of millions of americans. >> i don't know what he is smoking. you've got to take a look at that and go, has your health care costs gone down, average of $2500? no. have you, well, maybe two of you. i don't know where you live. have you been able to keep your doctor? have you been able to keep your hospital? have you been able -- there are
6:20 pm
promises gerri, just not being met. >> can i tell you remember the president said you would get health care for the cost of a sell phone? you remember that. >> come on now, that didn't happen. that was ridiculous. >> you know who wrote that? brian williams. i'm sorry. that was -- >> that's good. >> wrong guy. >> but seriously, when you get into these subsidies, one of the problems behind all of this if you are really low income and by the way, you can get subsidies up to like, have income of $98,000 and get subsidies. i'm fine with subsidies for really low-income people but not $98,000. >> they are not really subsidies. i mean they are subsidies but just paints to the hospital companies and insurance companies. >> yes, they are. >> goes back to again, nothing has been reduced in cost of the everything has gone up. everything has become less obtainable in every way.
6:21 pm
we have gone to system that is worse than two-tiered system in england where you have the rolls-royce health care you pay, you get attention or use the government system and it is socialized. but no, we're not even there. we're not even there. we're in a place that is worse. >> because i have a policy now, i have a obamacare policy if i get pregnant i am covered. i'm paying for that. that is what is so crazy. i didn't get to choose that. because all policies, at work -- >> bruce jenner, it could happen my friend. you don't know. >> well, there is a joke in there. i like to not have my license pulled so -- >> people talk about the lower income people that get these subsidies. they already had health care. i'm a hypochondriac i go there too much. people are there with sniffles or stubbed their toe of they already had health care. we weren't paying for. we're already paying for in round-about way. >> but here is the problem.
6:22 pm
now they say we'll give you medicaid. fine. now you're really sick or hurting or you broke your leg. you try to find a doctor who will take your medicaid. and if you can find one, you can come in two months from now. if you're hurting, i don't blame you, you will go over to the emergency room. >> to the emergency room. that cost always gets passed to somebody, tom. that will be taxpayers like you and i. >> emergency room is most expensive delivery of health care than any other system. health care stocks. let's get into that. because they following today's supreme court ruling. is it time to buy stocks? we'll have answers. ♪
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tom: many health care stocks hitting lifetime highs, matt, are these gets too pricey in here. >> i would not buy them tomorrow, hospital stocks up 9%. i think they will continue too go, because. there is more paying customers for your business, some walk into my business, my stocks -- health ensurers, they have been going up as well. a lot of mergers in that area, they did not rally as big today. tom: what -- >> we'll see a lot of diagnostic companies that make a lot of money from procedures from outpatient. the key is medicare continues, you know to attract more seniors, how do the doctors make
6:27 pm
their money? and hospitals? they look for chronic illnesses, they are literally testing everyone to death. you want to look at johnson & johnson, they have diagnostic equipment. tom: what about the medical device taxes is that killing them. >> i would not worry about, that but that doctors have initiative under them, some of their costs continue to get squeezed, they are doing more and more vallum, no -- volume. >> that is diagnostic every time you go to the doctor, quest diagnostic. tom: i went to the doctor he punished me, he sense me off for tests. talk about subsidies, a lot of people they look at premiums, the deductible is the real devil in detail. >> and copay as well. for example, bronze plan that
6:28 pm
what everyone who needs subsidies will take, you think -- >> the cheapest? >> yes, there is no real choice anywhere you can go, you wait you know, close to a million years for an appointment there are limited hospitals and doctors, you have -- well with the subsidy perhaps, 100 dollars a month, you think i have he'll shumpg, i casheetwill -- healthn afford it. i pay $25 a week, then you go to the doctor, and it is dollars 2000 because of the deductibles. that is where shock is, a lot of people have not had to use this insurance, and they don't realize, having health insurance -- >> back to product, "usa today," had a fabulous long piece about fact a lot of people, this is what is going to happen, they are not using it because of they
6:29 pm
heard the stories about oh, my gosh, i can't afford the copay, they are backing off. and they are asking their doctors, do i really need to take my prescription every day, can i take it every other day. >> this is the story, obama administration said this is a recession, they did not take care of themselves. in reality, what you are describing is closer to truth, people are not taking care of themselve about they can't afford to. >> two cookies before the show,. tom: let's talk about something else that we love, irs. watch dog today reveals evidence was destroyed during a probe of the irs. we have that next.
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the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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you've been staring at that for a while, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo. looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglas. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. tom: remember how the irs is being investigated for targets conservative groups. now a government watch dog says that they erased computer back up tapes, they deposit lose them -- they didn't lose them they erased them, they could have been game changers, 24,000 e-mails, more than 400 back up tapes were "lost," heather this
6:34 pm
is -- if they are not hiding something they appear to be. >> that is right, anybody else if it was not government, destruction of evidence you would face so many criminal charges, we see over again, there are no repercussions i believe a special prosecutor should be appointed. they are looking into whether or not they are prosecutor lois lerner for going after tea party people, i think it is time to get somebody independent in there and to look into this, democrats should want it, otherwise it willtai taint them anything into the next election. tom: destruction of evidence is serious, does anyone in washington -- do they care any more? do they want they are teflon proof?
6:35 pm
>> lear clearly no one has been held to account so far. i would recommend if g.o.p. is going to go after people, they do it in the next administration so we can avoided pardon issue. i think that barack obama would end up -- keep that in mind, a lot of people are thinking we'll be pardoned or you know -- this is where i think that timing of whatever it is that congress does and republicans do it important. >> you are missing the forest for the trees, the big issue is that irs does not work, it is disfunctional they did not look at 5 out of 6 potential places for the lost e-mails, they did not look at back up laptops. >> are a incompetent? i don't think so, i think this icorruption. >> i think there a lot of corruption there.
6:36 pm
they made a mistake. these irs employees made a mistake. tom: you follow this a lot. these are good people, they live in virginia and maryland, and dc, they go to work, they are bureaucrats that is their career. >> that is their issue. >> nobody cares. tom: doesn't anybody say hey? >> something is as lois lerner this is not from the guy commuting in from fredericks berg, it their chief count appointed by president, head of irs, and chief council, he is the guy who is in charge of those e-mails, he is the person who oversaw this, he is person who set up this entire program of making sure that conservatives group did not -- in all likelihood there we know there are systemic issues with e-mails that we've seen, there is a mulltude of people who are either involved in something was
6:37 pm
said or not said, and how do you say this, it becomes systemic in that way, i think bureaucracy in a large part protects itself, and that is the disconnect of such a large government, seeing now the american people as the enemy, and that is the problem, moment they decided that. tom: let me get to your point about a special prosecutor that has to come from the doj . >> department of justice, so eric holder said we're looking into prosecuting the various members of the irs. we have not heard much from loretta lynch on what he is intends to do with this, but with this news they are saying it was an accident. tom: accident my foot. >> during the investigation, itself, when they had been subpoenaed, everyone did know what was happening to say you were ignore ap ignorant. tom: is a stretch. >> if they can maintain they
6:38 pm
were ignore an, then they were incomp at the present time. tom-- incompetent. tom: i love idea of marketplace, uber is a classic example. but riots are erupting in paris, hundreds of taxi drivers are vie violently protesting the uber drivers, if you are going to the airport, the roads are blocked, guess who is in the middle of it in courtney love. what do you think? >> i think it's great. tom: well we'll talk about it.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
tom: hundreds of taxi driver are burning tires, protesting uber in france, coming up next.
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6:42 pm
tom: upon further review, riots are erupting in paris, the taxi drivers are protesting uber. the car service, it has been contested in paris courts, but legal ambutionty allowed company to remain a whic competitive tht to taxi. >> this is about union versus entrepreneurial capitalism, i am thrilled to see it happen in france, it is going to bring to light control what happened when unions control in france, uber is taking care of a industry for so lang that not had right kind of economic balance. you know, it just has not because of the way it is controlled, and medallions controlled in the case of france it is about union. >> new competition comes along. >> it is a marketplace. >> it is great hire it u.s. but in france it does not fly.
6:43 pm
taxi drivers are not happy here, but you know, it is a reality, you must adapt, they are not adapting they are fighting it in violent ways, my dear friend courtney love was stuck in this, we had a moment a couple of years ago, she is stuck in this screaming out, i file bad. tom: can we stop the show, and listen to the courtney love, matt mccall love story, i don't know what it is? >> that is for another time. tom: reallily the charles handle that. >> some rulings have been for them and against them, they do not give up, they continue to fight it, they take one step back, they take two steps forward, that is something to be said for company. tom: every time someone has tried to push back against technology, new technology, whatever it is, on-line always
6:44 pm
works. >> you know this is a country that had gerard depardieu leave because the taxes were too high. tom: lake oar i -- labor is ver. >> this is a perfect example for the world, socialism may be a good for some people, but to live the life that best suits you, you can't keep it down, you can set tires on fire in france. but this is a good example that no matter what you do, keep fighting for it. this competition that taxi drivers are not used to, they don't want to have to compete, they get comfortable then you stag nate. >> the greek problem. >> insurance, people have jobs for life they never change. tom: i think that uber will win
6:45 pm
this one, but labor in france is tough. >> back to america, more americans who went through a foreclosure or bankruptcy are getting home loans again. it is come back time. for risky homebuyers, maybe? we'll talk about it. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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tom: talking about homes, risky buyers making a comeback in housing market. lenders are seeking out americans who have gone through a foreclosure or bankruptcy, just weeks after a foreclosure.
6:49 pm
you have deput done work on thi, millions of people, if the rest of their credit is fine but they got into a u house that collapsd in price about they should. >> they should not. tom: there was a waiting period now they are talking weeks. >> that is crazy, here comes ninja loans, and the loans you pay no interest, that is crazy. we don't want to go back right to where we were before, i am shocked by this story in part, what i sudden for people who are responsible, it is difficult to get loans, the fact they would give it to these folks makes no sense. >> that is it big banks, wells, they say, that not our problem any more, that loan tha report o -- that went into foreclosure as long as this person has a w-2,
6:50 pm
is emptied we have a means to go back, with recourse they are giving them a loan, so taxpayers is who pays. >> what about the family who worked two jobs, they wanted on keep their house. they are punished now because someone walked away, does not have a house underwater, weeks later getting a house that is undervalued now. tom: banks are going ouch. i sold these off to fannie mae or freddie mac, now i am getting hit with penalties and fines. i am not making loans to anyone that i have to buy the loan back. >> this true, a dirty secret in the industry it is not red bank or blue bank or bank of america or city bank they are no name lenders, you will not know the name of the person who under writes your mortgage, you are
6:51 pm
not talking about lenders who are well-known, and who americans will get upset with, they then come back to government. tom: if we're getting housing market going against we need the millions of people that want to buy a home, but they got into financial trouble 5 years ago. >> that was an argument that got us in trouble in the first place, the adjustment or order to banks at one point you could count welfare as a up come source to guetta income source to get motorrage. >> that is a guaranteed steady check. >> we saw last week that the first time homebuyers or new home sales that have gone up, it is foreigners or a lot. >> not as much any more, looking at millennial home buying like this. foreign is going down. >> millennials are part but the dynamic here this is why you see
6:52 pm
orders and working with banks and other lenders with federal government there is a interest click with clinton redevelopment community plan of making it happen so you see numbers that make it appear as though things are going well again. >> yep. >> smoke and mirrors. tom: that is where we live, speaking of smoke and mirrors, do you want to talk about greece, creditors have given an ultimatum to greece, take it or leave it. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
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: :
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here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time. same cargo, same size, same power. which one arrives first? hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left? uh, looks like it'll be counting cows for awhile. so maybe the same things aren't quite the same. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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. tom: creditors are giving greece the ultimatum. i know, the story is endless soap opera, after a series of failures throughout the negotiating process. it just keeps going. if you thought the greek debt saga was coming to an end, you were dead wrong.
6:56 pm
only spiraling more out of control. hilary, they have a deadline on june 30th. is that what we're going to get answers what they're doing? how does this affect the u.s. stock market? >> well, investors should know that at this point we've already priced in anything that could happen over in greece. and many ways greece is symbolic for the euro and the eu. the answer is that greece will exit because at this point there's already been one writeoff which was 2012, that was the first default. then the big default that was going to come and wasn't coming is germany and all the other countries had given the loans to greece in exchange for greece buying the products from germany. and for the services from germany, and now the cat's out of the bag that there was all of this collusion and the answer is let them go. cut them loose. the greeks can rebuild their empire again otheir own. tom: talk about earnings today, nike had a grand slam. it was charles' pick on
6:57 pm
december 1st. that is a good stock today. up big on news of a possible takeover. charles picked it may 27th. what is zoetis. >> the largest animal health firm in the world. they do vaccines and medicines for fido and livestock as well. this has been a very, very hot sector, as livestock, more people need foods, i do not believe in pets myself, a lot of people do. they may try to keep them healthy forever, hip dysplasia. tom: you don't like puppies and kittens? >> do i not. charles and i have been on the sector for many years. i'm going to take the bow until tomorrow. nike beat by 15 cents on the top line, beat in revenue. he loss of. that he loves under armour as well. both are doing well. tom: tammy you said during the break there is an obamacare angle to the story.
6:58 pm
>> when it comes to the device tax and vaccinations and all of that, one of the device tax and the republicans increased this a couple years ago affects what a device the vets use, vets use devices in surgeries, and so that affects. and you can get pet insurance to cover your pet in that way, but the more we use technology, of course, the more we find cancers. the more you have solution. i'm a pet owner, i love puppies and kittens, unlike you. and it's an unconditional love, and in a crazy world, it's a good thing. >> okay, w-o-o-f. woof animal hospitals, the animal hospital rollup. everyone wants to be in it, it went up today right next to tenet health care. >> what's an animal hospital rollup. >> it's been a very entrepreneurial singular business, you know? tom: some veterinarian goes? >> a local vet. >> now all of that is changing
6:59 pm
and just like we have the hospital manage company business, it's the same thing for the vets. they're being put on salary. tom: are we going to bring fluffy to walmart for health care? >> it's coming in pet coast. that's where we're going and going now. >> we are going to end up in aisle 3 for the colonoscopy if we were not careful. >> and the silly dog is going to the fancy pants hospital. >> we have our priorities straight here. >> the stocks are recession proof. as bad as things are, they're going to take care of the dog and the kids are taken care of. tom: i know people that seem to have loved their animals more than their children. >> i don't get it, but -- >> well, they don't talk back. tom: we got to wrap it up. great show, guys, hope you will join charles every night right here at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. and if you can't, set your dvr,
7:00 pm
you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." right now, we're going to run out of time here. we're going to send it over to our good friend who always has the very latest on what's going on around the world and, of course, across the nation, and that is lou dobbs who joins us right here, right now on fox business.. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the islamic state tonight is on the move, launching offensives against two major targets in syria, one an attack on the northeastern city of al-hasaka, the second on the key syrian city of kobani. the islamic state assault on kobani carried out by fighters who disguised themselves as members of the kurdish forces who then open fire on civilians in the center of the city. the attacks began overnight


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